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Queen's Baton visits school

The Queen's Baton "visited" school accompanied by a delegation of the Commonwealth Games Association and several athletes.  Pupils were given a presentation by a local athlete and had a chance to interact with the Queen's Baton

Four local charities received a one thousand pounds donation each as a result of our fund-raising activities.  The beneficiaries were:
Cancer Relief Centre,
A Pathway through Pain,
Research into Chilhood Cancer,
Little Smiles.
My heartfelt thanks to staff, pupils, parents, relatives and the wider school community.

St. Joseph’s Middle School is organised so children and staff are happy, confident and at ease.  We believe a healthy balance between rewards and deterrents exists.


• To value and appreciate one another irrespective of age, creed or race, and to acknowledge that everyone has a part to play within our school community.

• To develop self-discipline, the ability to learn independently and to work co-operatively.

• To listen with respect to one another and be conscious to never damage another’s self esteem.

• To foster a caring attitude for the school environment, including the building, inside and outside area, equipment and personal effects.

• That all those who work in or visit our school will exhibit behaviour in keeping with these aims and our ethos.

School Values

• Telling the truth

• Keeping promises

• Respecting the rights and property of others

• Acting considerately towards others

• Helping those less fortunate and weaker than ourselves

• Taking personal responsibility for one’s actions

• Self-discipline


School Values Reject


Bullying • Cruelty • Cheating

Irresponsibility • Deceit • Dishonesty



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